Czech for foreigners courses 23. 08. 2017

Czech for foreigners courses run by Channel Crossings language school focus mainly on communication situations. We use communicative approach in all our courses which means we emphasize working on communication skills be it in individual-, pair- or group work. The 17-week course consists of 34 lessons and takes place in Thámova 32, Prague 8, just outside Krizikova metro (yellow line).


Lower your language handicap11. 09. 2016

Only 10 days left until the beginning of Fall Semester at Channel Crossings, so do not hesitate to sign up for courses of English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Greek, Portuguese, Norwegian and Swedish.


Tailor-made Language Instruction - for the whole summer with 21% discount01. 07. 2014

When you are 21

In our company you do not have to wait until you are 21! Study at a discounted rate at any age!

All new individual students who start their lessons in July or August will get a 21% discount.


Intensive Instruction! Make use of the discount and study during summer months every day, if you like. You yourself plan your days, time and intensity.

For more information, please contact us:


Translations and interpreting - special offers31. 07. 2013

Take Advantage of Our Special Offers and Discounts

Every month we provide new special offers and discounts. Contact us for a free quote and be sure to ask about any special offers that may apply to your translation project.


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The new manager of the language school division at Channel Crossings is Pavel Bárta04. 10. 2018

Pavel Bárta has become the new manager at Channel Crossings’ language school. He replaces Alena Pekáčková who is going on maternity leave and has been with Channel Crossings for more than two years.


New Executive Director of Channel Crossings 18. 06. 2018

new Executive Director of Channel Crossings

Miloslav Tlamicha has taken up the position of a new Executive Director of Channel Crossings language agency. He will be responsible for the company's management, defining its strategy, maintaining contacts with key clients, financial management and company representation.


We are 25!08. 03. 2018

A few days ago we celebrated our language school’s 25th anniversary. Is that a lot or a little?


PF 201820. 12. 2017

We wish you a beautiful Christmas season and lots of success in the New Year.


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