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(31. 01. 2017) We have ranked among the members of the European translation association ELIA

At the turn of the year we became a member of the significant European association ELIA, which associates not only translation and interpreting agencies, but also companies dealing with the development of software translation tools. The fundamental values upon which the whole ELIA philosophy is based are high quality of services and ethics in business conduct. Only six translation agencies from the Czech Republic are currently members of the association, and we are very glad to be among them.

The main asset of membership in the ELIA consists in the opportunity of contact sharing. The Translation Department of Channel Crossings also meets with demands for translation to less common languages, such as Maltese, Armenian or Hindi. ”There are very few of such translators, or they cannot even be found in the Czech Republic. In such events we look for them on the language market elsewhere in the world, and we must rely on references of a respective translator,” explains Martina Velechovská, Manager of the Translation Department of Channel Crossings. Membership in the ELIA makes it possible for us to obtain a proven contact, and thus enhance efficiency of provided services by reducing the time to search for a suitable contractor. From the long-term perspective this cooperation will lead to a higher quality and a wider scope of work of the Translation Department of Channel Crossings.

”One of the advantages is also the access to translation technologies and trends on the translation market. Channel Crossings would thus be able to faster respond to the most recent developments in the future. We believe that we will provide access to useful software tools to our translators and even better services to our clients,“ says Vítězslav Bican, Executive Director of Channel Crossings.

For the other ELIA members Channel Crossings is an ideal partner, since it has long-term experience in the translation market. For the whole period the agency has been cooperating with its clients on various projects in which it provides for translations, proofreading, interpreting and localization. Channel Crossings’ translators and interpreters most often work on projects from the areas of law, finance and medicine.

jsme členy prestižní překladatelské asociace ELIA

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