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(08. 03. 2018) We are 25!

A few days ago we celebrated our language school’s 25th anniversary. Is that a lot or a little?

There are companies that have been around for decades or hundreds of years. You sense how history runs through their veins, how they rely on years of tradition and experience. You sense how stable, how conventional, how stuck in their ways they are. You sense how old they are. But then you have companies that have only been around for a couple of months or a few years. You sense how energetic they are, how full of ideas they are, how they dive head first into everything. You sense how new, how fragile, how young they are.

We are twenty-five years old. We are somewhere in between. Probably more experienced, still with lots of ideas rather than old-fashioned and yet fragile. Perhaps we have learned a thing or two with the experience we have gained along the way but at the same time we haven’t lost all the energy we had at the beginning. We hope not, anyway.

Since 1993 we have gone through many phases. To begin with, it was a bit chaotic as we learnt how things actually work in the market economy. At that time our founders, Lenka and Floyd, dived head first into business and because they enjoyed it and were good at it, they gradually attracted other co-workers, teachers and translators. Not everything went well but they managed to rent an office and a classroom, they managed to set up a branch in Radotín and they managed to start organising language courses abroad. All this by the end of the 1990s. Lenka and Floyd and everyone else did a great job at the time.

After the turn of the century when we were around ten years old, we became a real company, we moved to beautiful premises in the centre of Prague, we took on more teachers and translators, and we expanded our team of internal employees. Everywhere around us the competition was growing but it didn’t matter that much because there was such a demand for foreign languages. We became one of the top ten largest language schools in the Czech Republic, then one of the top five but we still maintained a pleasant atmosphere in a relatively small group. We were doing fine.

But then again sometimes things didn’t go so well. At the time of the financial crisis we were just over fifteen and nobody wanted to learn languages much. Savings were made so we became a little smaller but it never occurred to us to pack it all in. We said that we could survive these few crisis years and then things would turn around again. And even though at times things were on the edge, we coped and the situation did eventually turn around. Everyone was amazing at that time too.

It’s difficult to say whether we could have done anything better but it doesn’t matter now. After a couple of years we again managed to convince our customers that learning languages, travelling abroad and investing in quality translations makes sense. We were twenty years old, we were grown up and we were happy.

Now we are twenty-five. We are a bit more grown up, a bit more experienced, and hopefully a bit wiser. And we are still enjoying it. Floyd went back to the USA long ago but Lenka is still with us and still looks after us. And everyone is just as amazing as ever because that is how Channel Crossings affects everyone who starts working here.

We are twenty-five – thank you to everyone who has contributed.

jsme tu s Vami 25 let

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