Service quality guarantees

Channel Crossings is the holder of ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certification that confirm expertise and professionalism of services provided.

To ensure the quality of our services we pay a lot of attention to:

Selection criteria for translators and interpreters

We carefully select our translators and interpreters through testing, reviews, and references. We consider only those candidates who have obtained a university degree, preferably in translation or language studies, specialise in a specific field, and have proven themselves in the area of translations and/or interpreting in the past 5 years.

The entire procedure of selecting translators consists of the following stages:

Individual approach

Our co-ordinators choose a suitable translator or interpreter from our database of more than 1,200 experts. The assigned expert is briefed on the project, delivered reference materials, and given access to up-to-date glossaries and dictionaries relevant to the subject. We also assist our clients to select an appropriate method of interpreting, perform organization and coordination tasks and provide interpreting equipment according to the type of event, place and the number and kind of audience.

Administration of the translation order

The register of all orders is efficiently administered through e-channel, a portal specially designed for these purposes. The agency keeps records of each accepted order for the whole period of its processing. Such records enable order identification and follow up and provide information on the state of each order at any moment of its processing.

Checking translations

Selected translations are proofread by specialists with respective language education. They focus on ensuring that the translation is correct factually and linguistically and that it is consistent with regards to terminology and stylistics. During their work the proofreaders use company dictionaries and glossaries and are in contact with external specialists. All translations are checked for completeness, spelling, typography and document formatting.

Terminology glossaries

For each client we prepare the so-called terminology glossary, i.e. a list of standard terms to be used in all documents prepared for the respective client. We thereby provide for uniformity of terminology and also include other requirements from the part of the client if needed.

Company style

With the help of our clients we have developed a unique system for using specialist terminology and style in translations that respect particular client’s corporate communication standards. It includes the management of a terminology database and creation of up-to-date glossaries.

Translation and interpreting

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