Jazyková a vzdělávací agentura

Channel Crossings language and education agency

Channel Crossings language and education agency provides highly-professional services in the sphere of language courses, translation and interpreting, studies abroad, soft skills, and education projects.

We provide language courses with native speakers and Czech teachers for groups and individuals alike, in person at your company’s offices or online.
For more information call us on +420 210 215 320 or +420 210 215 321 or send an e-mail to jazykovaskola@chc.cz.

The Translation and Interpreting Department works with more than 60 world languages. We arrange certified translations on paper and electronically.
For more information call us on +420 210 215 310, +420 210 215 312 +420 210 215 315, or +420 210 215 319 or send an e-mail to preklady@chc.cz.

We are known as experts when it comes to private education for pupils and students between the age of 8 and 20. The Studies Abroad Department arranges summer language courses and year-long study programmes at renowned secondary schools and language schools all over the world, in particular Great Britain, Canada, USA, Malta, Germany, and France.
For more information call us on +420 210 215 340, +420 210 215 341, or +420 210 215 342 or send an e-mail to zahranici@chc.cz.

The team of our Project department focuses on writing and implementing national and international educational projects that strives to bring innovative solutions and connect formal and nonformal education.

We are interested in areas such as equal opportunities on the labour market: we have carried out several projects in support of mums returning to work from parental leave, and indeed a project focusing on cultural and age diversity at the workplace. We have also been working with schools in Prague and throughout the Czech Republic for many years now. We provide teachers with various workshops and language courses and train them in matters such as mentoring and the CLIL method. We work with students and with young people.  It is our aim to promote the creation and spread of new and innovative methods and tools in education and to support people across the labour market in their personal and career development.

For more information call us on +420 778 798 363 or send an e-mail to pall@chc.cz.

Interested in what we are up to right now?

Follow Me to Minecraft

This international project, funded under the Erasmus+ Action KA220-SCH – Cooperation Partnerships in School Education, aims to create a fun educational game corresponding to the A1 CEFR level using the Minecraft computer game environment as a basis. The game is designed to use problem-based learning methods to help pupils increase their ability to creatively solve real-world problems. The project is aimed at English teachers to show how they can use and develop their face-to-face teaching skills in a multiplayer online game (MMO) environment. In addition to the game itself, a lesson plan will be created and a workshop for teachers will be held. The role of Channel Crossings is to manage the whole project, in which, in addition to ChC, six other partner organisations from six European countries are collaborating: the Secondary School of Electrical Engineering Lipník nad Bečvou (the Czech Republic), ATERMON B.V. (the Netherlands), HEARTHANDS SOLUTIONS LIMITED (Cyprus), CCS DIGITAL EDUCATION LIMITED (Ireland), English Language Secondary School "Geo Milev" (Bulgaria) and Universal Certification Solutions S.A. - UNICERT S.A. (Greece).

School 4.0

Noticing, observing, and shaping the world around you. New themes, new ideas, new solutions. The ability to introduce and present yourself, in English too. Work with digital tools and sources of information.

The School 4.0 project is a response to the need for greater interconnection of formal and informal education. It brings together the Channel Crossings education agency and schools from Prague and the Central Bohemia Region. Together we come up with education programmes for pupils in primary 6 through 9, and the corresponding grades of six-year or eight-year grammar school. It is our aim to use such programmes to support the development of creativity, active citizenship, a sense of initiative and competency in English and in the sphere of digital technology. A total of 18 education programmes in the form of project days, camps, and clubs will be created in the space of three years.

For more information about the project go to www.kreativniskola.cz or contact us by e-mail at projekty@chc.cz


The YOUTH IMPACT project focuses on supporting non-profit organisations, public institutions, and private entities involved in increasing the application of young people on the labour market. Cooperation between CHC and partners from Poland (FRDL), Slovakia (PEDAL) and Germany (FIAP) aims to create practical tools, methodologies, and training in support of activities which focus on evaluating the impacts and effectiveness of the activities carried out by those organisations. It offers help in assessing the initial situation at the organisation and in creating assessment tools.

The project will also use grants to support young scientists examining the impacts of institutional activities. The aim is to create an international network of experts that focus on assessing the impact. The project is non-profit and is fully funded by the Fund for Youth Employment programme (EEA and Norwegian Funds), meaning that all activities in the project are free to those who express an interest in getting involved.

You will find more information about the project and contacts at http://www.youth-impact.eu, or on Facebook. The Fund for Youth Employment programme supports a whole range of projects, which you can read more about in the online Youth Employment Magazine.